Adult Piano Lessons

It’s Never Too Late to Learn the Piano…

A Course for the Adult Beginner:

Over 25 years ago Linda Fotis developed the first adult group piano course taught in the Washington, DC area. The popular course has been featured in Continuing Education Programs at locations such as American University, Montgomery County, and at Glen Echo Park. The course is taught in small groups as well as privately.

Today, Linda is teaching the children and grandchildren of adults who have taken this course. The music just keeps growing.

Research shows, that not only is music great for the cognitive development of children, but that it enhances the range of verbal and nonverbal functions (including memory) in adults. It’s just another great way to stay mentally young, agile, and engaged.

Adults bring such a wealth of experience and knowledge to their study of the piano. I love teaching older students and working with them to refine their goals and musical aspirations. Is there a special piece of music that you would like to learn? Do you want to play duets with your grandchildren? Would you like to play in a church, a synagogue, a mosque or at a party? Or, would you just like to entertain yourself or family?

Whatever your musical goals are, you can begin to attain them with the “It’s Never Too Late To Learn The Piano” class. Just six simple classes will introduce you to the piano keyboard, basic musical terminology and easy pieces in a five finger position.

Don’t delay. Make your musical dreams come true today.

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