“Many of Ms. Fotis’s innovative ideas are generated from her love of music and teaching, in addition to her continued endeavors for developing her pedagogical skills. She has organized trips to museums with guided tours by docents who understand her motives to expose youngsters to an enriching experience.”

“Ms. Fotis constantly creates and reinvents ideas for studio activities geared toward motivating and encouraging her students to perform their best and strive for advancement.”

Bonnie Kellert, NCTM
Past President, Washington (DC) MTA

“Over the past 8+ years, Linda has been an inspirational, dedicated and gifted teacher and friend to my daughter. Her patience and ingenuity have served my daughter well. I have no doubt that Linda has immeasurably enriched Julie’s life, as well as the lives of all of her students.”

“[Linda has] an uncanny ability to foster a love of music in her students. Through innovative programs, Linda shows her students the beauty and presence of music in their world.”

“Each of Linda’s unique initiatives has played a part in my daughter’s development. I continue to observe this phenomenon in Linda’s students as they evolve as musicians and as individuals.”

Nicole M. Maddrey

“Linda’s warm encouragement gave me confidence that I could learn to play the piano [as an adult]… Her studio brings adult students together in friendship and mutual support.  She enriches our lives with museum and concert outings.  And, besides teaching the mechanics of piano playing, she teaches us musicianship and appreciation of musical composition.”

Sabrina A. McCarthy
Adult Student

“My son Max has taken lessons from Linda Fotis for many years. Her thoughtful guidance and talent as an instructor has helped him to blossom. She makes the lessons fun, and makes the student feel special, creating a very positive, supportive atmosphere. She has inspired Max to grow and learn and given him an excellent foundation in music that he will draw upon for the rest of his life.”

Katey Boerner

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