Adult & Children’s Piano Lessons in Washington D.C.

piano lessons in Washington DC

In a world that seems increasingly out of balance, music offers the opportunity to experience wholeness.  The concentration necessary to learn how to play an instrument is the key to opening the door to the beauty and truth of music and ourselves.  From a quiet place, a joyful noise rings out into the world, enriching our lives and putting them into perspective.

Expertise Best Piano Teachers 2018 recognition for Joy of Music's piano teacher Linda FotisJoy of Music offers private and group piano lessons for children and adults of all ages and levels.  Conveniently located in Northwest Washington D.C., off of Massachusetts Avenue, in the Spring Valley/ AU Park neighborhoods.

Experience the joys of piano… from creativity and release to accomplishment and family fun. Piano lessons can bring new excitement into your life!

Stay tuned: Joy of Music ‘On-The-Go’ is coming soon!


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