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Is my child ready for piano lessons?

Readiness for piano varies and depends on a number of factors including physical development and the ability to concentrate, focus, read and write. These factors, coupled with a real desire to learn the piano are essential ingredients for success!  Please arrange for your child to have an interview with me. During this interview we will determine, together, not only if your child’s fingers are strong enough to play the piano, but if this is the right time to begin his/her musical journey at the keyboard.

How old should you be for Joy of Music’s piano lessons?

We offer private piano lessons for both adults and youth (grades one through twelve).

How long do lessons last?

Depending on the abilities of the student, piano lessons last for 30, 45, or 60 minutes and run September-June (academic year) at the piano studio or in your home by appointment during the summer.

Do you teach using a specific method?

In addition to creating lesson plans tailored to a student’s specific goals and needs, Linda enjoys collaborating with parents to achieve these goals as well. Working together to find appropriate practice routines and adequate time to prepare for special playing classes and recitals is always rewarding and produces fabulous results.

Are recitals part of the Joy of Music program?

Our studio activities include regular recitals, participating in the RCM and ABRSM exams, workshops, playing classes, outside concert attendance, and more.