Student Piano Lessons

In-Home & Studio Lessons Available!

In our comfortable and caring environment Joy of Music founder and director, Linda Fotis, creates piano lesson plans tailored to a student’s specific goals and needs. Linda also enjoys collaborating with parents. Working together to find appropriate practice routines and adequate time to prepare for special playing classes and recitals is always rewarding and produces fabulous results.

Awakening the creative self, improving time management and developing self-motivation are additional benefits of piano study. The ability to organize abstract sound into rhythmic patterns and harmonic sequences enhances the student’s study skills in other subjects as well. The desire to master a piece of music and share it with family, friends, and the community is a powerful experience that can last a lifetime.

How old should you be for Joy of Music’s piano lessons?

We offer private piano lessons for both adults and youth, starting lessons at 5 years old.

Are recitals part of the Joy of Music program?

Our studio activities include regular recitals, participating in the RCM and ABRSM exams, workshops, playing classes, outside concert attendance, and more.

See our FAQ’s for more details on lessons…

“THANK YOU! Merci! Danke! Tak! Obrigato! Asante! Shokrun! What a wonderful recital last Sunday. It was a tremendous experience for Katharine and Josephine. It was an enormous challenge that they stepped up to – what a wonderful life lesson. They were both so proud. Thank you for pushing them and believing in them. And giving them the gift of music! Each and every student worked so hard and grew so much. I enjoyed every piece! It was a beautiful show. Your care and efforts were imminently clear.”

Allison Jenkins

“Over the past 8+ years, Linda has been an inspirational, dedicated and gifted teacher and friend to my daughter. Her patience and ingenuity have served my daughter well. I have no doubt that Linda has immeasurably enriched Julie’s life, as well as the lives of all of her students.

[Linda has] an uncanny ability to foster a love of music in her students. Through innovative programs, Linda shows her students the beauty and presence of music in their world.

Each of Linda’s unique initiatives has played a part in my daughter’s development. I continue to observe this phenomenon in Linda’s students as they evolve as musicians and as individuals.”

Nicole M. Maddrey

Contact Us…

Please contact Joy of Music founder, Linda Fotis, directly by phone at 301-529-3802 or email.